Interfaith Summit on Climate Change

As part of the global effort to mobilize action on climate changed, the World Council of Churches and Religions for Peace is organizing an Interfaith Summit on Climate change, to be held in New York, 21-22 September 2014.  This is just ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit on 23 September in New York  (

Federal Sustainable Development Strategy

The first Federal Sustainable Development Strategy was tabled in Parliament on October 6 2010.  You can download a copy at    In an email letter from Jim Prentice, Minister of the Environment, received on November 3, he also said that a synthesis of the comments received from the public during the consultation ion the proposed strategy is available at

Budgets for Millenium Development Goals v Militarism?

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom released a strong statement to the world leaders who were meeting to discuss the Millenium Development Goals.   Below is the last paragraph - and resources and further reading.

Genetically Engineered Salmon

Is this the way to sustainable living?   Even if the genetically engineered salmon are infertile females which will not reproduce?   Is this the first step to more GE animals?   And ultimately to producing fish and meat in the science lab? 

Global Food From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Climate Change Through Women's Eyes

This is the title of a workshop to be held during the People's Summit at Ryerson University, Toronto, Sunday June 20. Shirley Farlinger, peace activist, Voice of Women, and I will facilitate this workshop.   Check out the message below from the People's Summit organizers:

Just one week till the People's Summit starts!
We need your help to spread the word about the Summit! At the bottom of this info letter is a mass promo email – please forward to your networks, and plug your workshop, to ensure maximum participation!

The Oil Disaster: When Will We Ever Learn?

Once again profit and greed - and our lust for oil - has backfired.  We are facing a huge ecological and social disaster.  Once again the precautionary principle was not followed.  It is also time for us to insist on reverse onus - where the industry initiating the project has to ensure - in an open and transparent way - that the initiative can be carried out safely and that there are plans in place should there be an accident.   When will we learn that enough is enough?  If we ever get out of this mess - and reaffirm that sustainability is a goa

Planning for a Sustainable Future: A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada

The Federal Government has published this document to encourage Canadians to respond and provide their views, thoughts, and opinions on Canada's draft Sustainable Development Strategy.   The Federal Government asks Canadians to respond by July 12 to   In 2002 at the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg, South Africa, Canada along with all other countries, committed to develop a Sustainable Development strategy for the country by 2005.    Last year, the Government passed the Fede

SERONICA   This is the website for a new e-journal.  I have an article in the first edition on whether or not GMOs can reduce poverty.

Climate Change Through Women's Eyes: G20 Peoples' Summit

When women look at climate change they see a crisis not of their making but affecting them in many ways: the largest proportion of refugees and of the poor, the least able to affect political change. But there are many examples of what women are doing.

More on Scrupling

On Saturday April 17 2010 a follow up working session on scrupling was held at Friends House, Toronto.  Fourteen people attended including representatives of the Anglican and Presbyterian Churches as well as Quakers.   The objective of the working group was to discuss the possibilities of convening scrupling sessions within our communities.   It was agreed that we would share our experiences and prepare some background materials on scrupling for community groups.

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