Green Screens at the NFB

To find out more - check out   Green Screens is a partnership initiative with Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy (CIELAP) and the National Film Board.

The next Green Screens - The World According to Monsanto - will be showing at the National Film Board Theatre, 150 John Street (at Richmond Street West), Toronto on Wednesday November 3 2010 at 7 pm.  After the screening, I will be hosting a panel to consider some of the issues raised in the film. 

Agribusiness and Monsanto

La Via Campesina release

Labelling of GMO products

The Canadian Council of Churches and the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy have submitted a petition on accountability re labelling of GMO products to the Federal Commissioner for Environment and Sustainable Development.   You can check out the petition at   This was a project I was working on at CIELAP before I resigned in June 2009.  It is great to see it finally submitted jointly with the Canadian Council of Churches.

Budgets for Millenium Development Goals v Militarism?

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom released a strong statement to the world leaders who were meeting to discuss the Millenium Development Goals.   Below is the last paragraph - and resources and further reading.

Genetically Engineered Salmon

Is this the way to sustainable living?   Even if the genetically engineered salmon are infertile females which will not reproduce?   Is this the first step to more GE animals?   And ultimately to producing fish and meat in the science lab? 

Global Food From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Quakers in Canada meet in Winipeg, August 14 - 21 2010

Over 130 Quakers from across Canada met for a week in Winnipeg to renew friendships, make new friendships and attend to some important issues of concern.   These included the tar sands; prisons and justice; how to support the implementation of the Declaration on Indigenous Peoples; and the environment.    Information on what Quakers said can be found on

Ties Between the Bill Gates Foundation and Monsanto

Some interesting connections!  The ties that bind.

Post G20 thoughts

I wonder if having faith leaders as part of the organizing committee would have made any difference in the outcome of the G20 protest marches?    All during the week leading up to the G20 protests in Toronto I was remembering how the faith leaders in South Africa took on such an important role during the anti-apartheid marches and demonstrations.   As well, faith leaders played an important role in Canada during that time.   When there is a crisis faith leaders need to be with the people.   

G20 Interfaith Leaders Summit

80 senior Leaders of eight world religions and faith based organizations from the G20 countries issued a strong and simple message to governments:  honour your commitments to the poor and vuolnerable of the world - especially children.  Specifically, the statement - A Time for Inspired Leadership and Action - urged political leaders - especialy those of the G8 nations to achieve the Millenium Development Goals  and meet the .7% of Gross National Income target in development assistance; ensure that harmful climate change caused by humanity does not exceed a 2 degree

Climate Change Through Women's Eyes

This is the title of a workshop to be held during the People's Summit at Ryerson University, Toronto, Sunday June 20. Shirley Farlinger, peace activist, Voice of Women, and I will facilitate this workshop.   Check out the message below from the People's Summit organizers:

Just one week till the People's Summit starts!
We need your help to spread the word about the Summit! At the bottom of this info letter is a mass promo email – please forward to your networks, and plug your workshop, to ensure maximum participation!

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