Scrupling on the Erosion of Democracy in Canada

Scrupling is an old Quaker practice when faced with a difficult issue or problem early Quakers would sit with their friends and neighbours and scruple till they came to a way forward. Scrupling is not an argument, a debate or a panel discussion - but a serious conversation to seek a way forward. On February 7 50 Toronto Quakers scrupled the erosion of democracy in Canada with two sitting Members of Parliament. Many structureal issues and concerns were brought forward as we scrupled around two questions: 1) why do some of our concerns - and others - not seem to be addressed by Parliament; 2) what can we as a community do about it? The suggestions ranged from more effort in education in our schools on civics, to more women elected, to more scrupling sessions, to a Royal Commission. Toronto Quakers will be considering next steps at their next business meeting in later this month. Meanwhile, the Moderator of the United Church is talking about scrupling on her blog.