Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace

At the Central Committee meeting of the World Council of Churches held in July 2014 in Geneva, the Central Committee approved an Invitation to the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace.   The WCC is calling on member churches and partners to walk together in a common quest and collaborative engagement with the most important issues of justice and peace and to become communities of justice and peace in the world.   The WCC is inviting people of faith and people of goodwill everywhere to join in this pilgrimage of justice and peace.   The pilgrimage will be organized regionally.  The WCC invitation ends with the "We are a fellowship on the move, a community of pilgrims.  We pray for God's guidance and inspiration, so that our pilgrimage will open us to one another through dynamic and creative interaction for justice."  In Canada, there will be a meeting in October of the WCC Relations Committee to consider this initiative and what it might look like in Canada.   I am a member of the Central Committee of the WCC and will be at that meeting.   If you have ideas or suggestions for such a pilgrimage, please send me an email at annemitchell8@sympatico.ca.