The Oil Disaster: When Will We Ever Learn?

Once again profit and greed - and our lust for oil - has backfired.  We are facing a huge ecological and social disaster.  Once again the precautionary principle was not followed.  It is also time for us to insist on reverse onus - where the industry initiating the project has to ensure - in an open and transparent way - that the initiative can be carried out safely and that there are plans in place should there be an accident.   When will we learn that enough is enough?  If we ever get out of this mess - and reaffirm that sustainability is a goal - we will need to fundamentally change how we do things and how we make decisions.   If we do not our communities and all species on this planet are at risk.   I am sure the CEOs of oil companies, chemical companies, mining companies, nuclear energy companies, technology companies - all want to sleep a little easier at night and not have nightmares about the kind of world they are leaving to their grandchildren.   And as citizens - and consumers - we have to do our bit by changing our lifestyles and habits so that the collective footprints on the planet can be reduced.   When will we ever learn?