G20 Interfaith Leaders Summit

80 senior Leaders of eight world religions and faith based organizations from the G20 countries issued a strong and simple message to governments:  honour your commitments to the poor and vuolnerable of the world - especially children.  Specifically, the statement - A Time for Inspired Leadership and Action - urged political leaders - especialy those of the G8 nations to achieve the Millenium Development Goals  and meet the .7% of Gross National Income target in development assistance; ensure that harmful climate change caused by humanity does not exceed a 2 degree centigrade increase from pre-industrial levels; and drastically reduce military spending in favour of overseas development assistance and permanently eliminate nuclear weapons.    The full test of the statement is at www.faithchallengeG8.com.   The statement was delivered to Stephen Fletcher, Conservative MP to be given to Stephen Harper with the request that it be forwarded to the G20 leaders.  I was invited to attend in my capacity as Clerk of Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).