November 2013

World Council of Churches International Assembly closes

The International Assembly of the WCC, held in Busan, Republic of Korea, closed on Friday.   During the week there were many, many oppportunities to meet with others from around the world, share stories and hopes for the future.   Several statements were approved in the final days, including:  The Way to Just Peace; Peace and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula; Situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo; the Church Presence and Witness in the Middle East; situatin of Abyei in South Sudan; Indigenous Peoples; and Climate Justice.   A statement on Movi

Weekend in Seoul

We spent the weekend in Seoul, hosted by Korean Quakers.    We traveled by train - three hours at speeds up to 300 km per hour - but you wouldn't think it because the ride was so smooth.   We were met at the train station by taken for a Korean lunch.  Then we visited two palaces of dynasties aroun 1300 and 1400, had Korean tea in a teashop in the old part of Seoul, visited a Buddhist Temple which was packed with folks coming for evening worship and people in the courtyard where there were hundreds for pots of chrysanthemums - Korea's national flower - to rememb

More from the World Council of Churches, Busan, South Korea

Yesterday, Friday the day began with a drums, music and song as people gathered.   This was followed by a moving plenary about life in Asia.  Three women told the story about how their lives and how people in Asia are being impacted by globalisation, migration in search of work, exploitation of women, children, and natural resources  with the subsequent devastation to the environment.