June 2011

Quaker Earthcare Witness - April meeting - setting priorities

At its April meeting in Chicago, Quaker EArthcare Witness set some priorities for the next year:  focus on communications and outreach - particularly engaging with young people; telling our story; projects such as the mini-grants; finca la bella farm in Costa Rica and connecting with community initiatives for sustainability.

CIELAP's Homecoming

CIELAP has decided to cease active environmental law and policy research.   Its research and reports are still available on the CIELAP website - www.cielap.org - and further enquries about CIELAP can be made to its sister organization, CELA at www.cela.ca.

I gathered with the current staff and board and former staff, board and volunteers to reminisce on over 40 years of environmental law and policy research earlier in June.    The people involved in CIELAP will continue their work to promote sustainability for the sake of future generations.

Genetically Modified Crops: Promises, Perils and the Need for Public Policy

New publication by Anne Mitchell, Pinayur Rajagopal, Keith Helmuth and Susan Holtz...... coming soon.   Published by Quaker Institute for the Future - www.quakerinstitute.org