September 2010

Labelling of GMO products

The Canadian Council of Churches and the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy have submitted a petition on accountability re labelling of GMO products to the Federal Commissioner for Environment and Sustainable Development.   You can check out the petition at   This was a project I was working on at CIELAP before I resigned in June 2009.  It is great to see it finally submitted jointly with the Canadian Council of Churches.

Budgets for Millenium Development Goals v Militarism?

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom released a strong statement to the world leaders who were meeting to discuss the Millenium Development Goals.   Below is the last paragraph - and resources and further reading.

Genetically Engineered Salmon

Is this the way to sustainable living?   Even if the genetically engineered salmon are infertile females which will not reproduce?   Is this the first step to more GE animals?   And ultimately to producing fish and meat in the science lab? 

Global Food From Saturday's Globe and Mail