June 2010

Climate Change Through Women's Eyes

This is the title of a workshop to be held during the People's Summit at Ryerson University, Toronto, Sunday June 20. Shirley Farlinger, peace activist, Voice of Women, and I will facilitate this workshop.   Check out the message below from the People's Summit organizers:

Just one week till the People's Summit starts!
We need your help to spread the word about the Summit! At the bottom of this info letter is a mass promo email – please forward to your networks, and plug your workshop, to ensure maximum participation!


A new coalition of non government organizations concerned about the silencing of any opposition to the Federal Government has just been launched.    Check out their declaration - and consider adding your voice - at: 


Butt-kicking, but whose?

Published in the Globe and Mail, June 10 2010:

Re Searching for an ass to kick (editorial, June 9):  Perhaps we should implement the precautionary principle - institute a policy of reverse onus and kick our collective asses.    

Anne Mitchell, Toronto


Ursula Franklin on Scrupling

Want to hear Ursula Franklin on scrupling - an old Quaker practice used in discussing difficult issues of the time such as paying taxes for wars and slaveholding.   Quakers in Toronto recently experimented on scrupling on the erosion of democracy in Canada.    You can hear Ursula's views on the CBC's The Current at http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/2010/05/may-06-2010.html