April 2010

GM Agriculture

The debate on GM agriculture continues.  Switzerland has extended a moratorium on genetically engineered plants and animals by three years.   The first harvest of genetically modified bananas in Australia has been picked.   Bayer CropScience must pay about $2 million for losses sustained by two Missouri farmers when an experimental variety of rice cross-bred with their crops.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has released a 49 page draft social statement on genetics, a framework for discussion.  Private Member's Bill C-474 survived second ho

Scrupling on the Erosion of Democracy in Canada

Toronto Quakers are holding a working session on scrupling on the erosion of democracy in Canada on Saturday April 17.   The purpose of the working session is to share what we learned at our February 7 scrupling session when 50 Quakers and and two sitting Members of Parliament came together.  If you are interested in organizing a scrupling session within their community this may be of interest to you.   We see this as an opportunity to till the soil for engaging in dialogue with our elected representatives on issues that concern us and our communities