Sustainable Development Advisory Council

This Council is to be set up according to the Federal Sustainable Development Act.   According to a telephone conversation with Environment Canada, the Council has been established - but is not yet public - still waiting for sign off from the Minister of the Environment.

A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada

Have just scrolled through the consultation document.   And the first thing that struck me is that this is consultation document for an environmental sustainability strategy - not a sustainable development strategy for Canada.   The difference?  In my view and environmental sustainability strategy is that - with a focus on the environment.   A sustainable development strategy, however, attempts to integrate economic, environmental and social issues.   We need policies that will consider environmental, social and economic consequences together - r

Earth Hour

So what did you do for Earth Hour?   Gordon and I - in the dark - considered what are the next steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint.   We already do the cold wash; don't put the dishwasher on unless it is full; turn down the thermostat at night; don't use air conditioning; have a solar panel for hot water; do not have a car - walk and use public transit.   Two things we did come up with:  1)  sign up for Bullfrog power; and 2)  cut back on the numbers of newspapers and magazines that are coming into the house.  

Canada at 150

The Liberal Party's conference for 'thinkers' in Montreal is trying to engage Canadians across the country.  You can log in from your computer at and follow the dialogue.    As some of the commentators have said - same old 'experts' telling us what we have heard before.   Two interesting points, however:  1) will the people who log in through the internet feel that their views are heard too?  2)  how will all of this influence policy development in Canada?

A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada

The Consultation paper on a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada can be downloaded from   It includes a message from the Minister of the Environment and invites input from Canadians.  The document states that the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy includes environmental sustainability as an integral part of the Government's decision-making processes.  The document states that the Strategy will replace the individual department strategies for sustainable development which key federal departments an

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