Tributes to Anne Mitchell

On the occasion of my leaving my position as Executive Director at CIELAP, June 30 2009.

It has been an honour working with you.  You single handedly reintroduced me to my environmental roots.  I look foward to collaborating with you far into the future.  Nicole Geneau, CIELAP Board member.

You have nurtured and grown CIELAP and for that I and all of CIELAP's supporters are very thankful.  I am especially proud, as one of the founders of CELRF, now CEILAP, that we are still leading research and policy on many important environmental issues.   David Estrin

You have made an amazing contribution to sustainable development and environmental protection in Canada.  I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work with you.   Maureen Carter-Whitney, CIELAP's Research Director.

May I congratulate you on so many years of service to and through CIELAP. They will certainly miss your leadership.  Liz Dowdeswell.