The GM Pig

Health Canada could soon approve the first genetically modified (GM) animal for human consumption. The University of Guelph has applied for food safety approval of its GM pig - they call it “Enviropig™”.
The GM pig contains genetic material from a mouse and E-coli bacteria, and is engineered to excrete less phosphorus in its feces. Its owners claim that “Enviropig™” can reduce water pollution caused by excess pig manure that comes from industrial factory farms.
Is this the kind of solution we need?  The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) says A GM pig is not needed to solve this problem. Pigs can be raised without causing phosphorus pollution - by making changes to production practices or using an enzyme feed supplement that helps pigs digest grains.   CBAN is encouraging concerned citizens to write to the Minister of Health today from and tell her that GM animals are not acceptable in our food system. Tell her that you don’t want to eat “Enviropig™”   You can get more information on “Enviropig™” at